Assalamu Alaikum

NAKHLAH Online Classrooms is focused on the academic excellence of our students along with preparing them for their professional future with modern intrinsic and technical skillset development. It provides a virtual platform for communication and collaboration.

Students at NAKHLAH are given access to recorded lectures. These lectures are designed to provide a detailed explanation of the subject matter, covering all the essential information needed to learn. Online Classrooms also give instant access to announcements, timetables, syllabi, worksheets and assignments.

“Read in the name of your Lord, who created: created man from a clot of congealed blood. Read! And your Lord is the most merciful, who has taught by the pen, taught man about which he knew not.” (AL-Alaq, 1-5)

JazakAllah Khairun

Your child's safety while Online is important to us.

To access the Off-Campus Learning for each Class go through the links above and log into the learners' NAKHLAH account.

Learner Balance

An important aspect of off-campus learning is ensuring balance. The 'Islamic Way' is built on our community and the strong connections we make. Digital technologies are a powerful tool in helping us maintain these relationships and those with loved ones across the globe in these challenging times. However, digital technologies can become 'consuming'.  Here are our top tips for caring for your child (and yourself) in this challenging time.

Sleep & Eat

Keep all digital devices out of the bedroom at night and away from the dining area.

Use these times to rest and recharge.

Parents, you need to set the example!

Time Limits

As a family, agree sensible time limits for digital technology use.

Look at your  daily learning engagements and  decide together. 

Tilawat and Learning

Set up your learning space with everything you need to focus efficiently.

Stay Charged

Set up a charging station in a neutral area of the home.

Online meetings will  drain batteries much more quickly.

Stay Home

Play games, connect with family. 

Make things together.

Stay Balanced

On-campus you would do a variety of different activities each day.

Find a balance at home by creating a family routine that provides that balance for you all.